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Hi there 👋 I’m Andy Winecki, a software developer based in Warsaw, Poland. I consider myself a paint drip person, always exploring new stuff and trying to find connections. I work mostly with web apps – frontend, backend, and lately devops. I love great products and startups, have done quite a bit of UX/design, and I don't think business & management is boring. Sometimes, I tinker with electronics , pretend I know how to play guitar, or enjoy getting pwned in video games.

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I'm currently scaling DevOps at Packhelp. Previously, I've built a real estate marketing platform from scratch for a US client and helped turn it into a profitable business.


I've implemented a nokia 3310 snake in Pascal when I was 13. Then, I got interested in websites & design, leading to learning Photoshop and eventually creating some simple websites (freelance).

I then took a deep dive into the web development world – frontend at first, but quickly getting into the backend world as well, designing and coding stuff for clients and myself. After getting some freelance experience, working at a smaller shop, then at a Not-that-small Corp., I've decided to start a SoLoMo startup 😅, and a software consulting firm focused on JS/Node.js.

In the meantime, I've enjoyed a several years of cooperation with US partners on veewme.com.

Overall, I've worked with many different projects. Simple HTML/CSS sites, complex frontends – SPAs (Backbone ☠️ , React.js, Angular), CRUD/CMS sites. I've built my own PHP e-commerce engine (don’t ask 🙈), APIs (Node.js, Flask),

For the past 2 years I've been involved with packhelp.com, a thriving Polish startup delivering beautiful custom branded packaging in just a few clicks. As the company scales quickly, I focus on optimizing day to day software delivery process using DevOps practices.



2018 — currently Head of Delivery Engineering (DevOps)

With Packhelp platform & the web-based 3D editor, you can rapidly design and order beautiful, custom-branded packaging for your products to delight your customers with a unique unboxing experience.

The company is operating and quickly growing (we’re hiring!) from our inspiring office based in Warsaw, Poland. I focus on building a healthy DevOps culture and crafting a software delivery process that's smooth, speedy, and fun.

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2013 — 2018 Tech Lead

VeewMe is a US real estate marketing platform, with focus on photography and videography. As a freelance hire, I’ve re-architected, designed, and implemented the initial version of the platform, (incl. UI/UX design, infrastructure).

As the company grew to over $10k/mo recurring revenue (SaaS), my role evolved to scaling and managing an off-shore product development team in Warsaw, Poland.

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Languages & Frameworks

JS/Typescript PHP Node.js Python Django React.js CSS/Sass TailwindCSS

Infra & Ops

Firebase Hetzner Ansible Docker Docker Swarm Kubernetes AWS Terraform Bash Vim CircleCI Gitlab CI Github Actions Datadog New Relic


iTerm 2 tmux VIM FZF


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